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7 Ways To Make Better Health Choices

7 Ways To Make Better Health Choices


For many people, the goal is to “lose weight” but there are many ways to lose weight, some healthy and some no so healthy. If we choose an unhealthy way to lose weight we might find that we are putting it back on and losing it again and this is a vicious cycle. If we shift our focus on being healthy, then this is a more sustainable and healthy way to lose weight – without focusing on actually losing weight. Here are my top 7 ways to make better health choices…

Drink Plenty of Water

Most clients that I sit down with consume on average 1L per day. This is a crazy small amount. We should be aiming for a minimum of 3L per day. Yes this may sound excessive to begin with but your body will adapt. All systems will start to function at an optimum level and weight loss will be come easier.

Eat Veggies at Every Meal

Consuming a wide variety of veggies at every meal (yes breakfast too! think omelette), will ensure you are receiving essential vitamins and minerals. A lot of people look at supplements to receive their vitamins and minerals, when we should be looking at receiving them through nutritious foods.

Find a Routine

Move your butt! Not just in a class or working out in a gym. I mean go for a bike ride, take the stairs, take the dog for a walk. Doing cardiovascular activities is great for heart health and burns those calories which will assist in weight loss.

Eat Mindfully

Put your phone away. Sit down at the table. Taste every mouthful. Be mindful of eating. We live in this chaotic world where we are go go go and sometimes it can be like “what did I have for lunch?” because we probably ate it on the run not even thinking. This behaviour can be detrimental to weight loss because calories can creep in without even realising it. Coffee here, handful of nuts there, this and that. Rather sit down and enjoy a proper meal.

Load Up On The Protein

Protein at every meal will help you keep fuller for longer. No you will not get cancer consuming animal meat at every meal. It will also assist in lean muscle development. If you are not eating protein at every meal, guess what? Your probably eating a lot of fats and carbs!

Cut Out The Alcohol

Empty calories. It is doing nothing for weight loss or general health. If you are serious about losing weight or being healthy at all then alcohol is not apart of that equation.

Read The Label

Im not saying you should be doing this with everything that you eat but it is so surprising the amount of crap that is in some foods. To preserve food, salt and sugar are used. To make foods tastier, fat is used. That is why we should still to whole foods that do not come in packages!