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Meal Prep For Beginners

Meal Prep For Beginners

Meal prep plays a massive part when it comes to achieving weight loss goals. Ever hear the phrase “fail to prepare, then prepare to fail”. I have put together some of my best meal prep tips for those who are time poor or just hate being in the kitchen for hours on end.


Pre Cut All Your Veggies

When yo get home from the shops, get out all the veggies and cut them up. Store them in an air tight container. This not only saves time instead of chopping them up everyday, it keeps them fresh, saves space in the fridge and when you get home late there is no excuse not to have veggies!

Slow Cook Your Meat

I throw 6 chicken breasts into the slow cooker with a can of tomatoes and a few hours, whack it on high for 8 hours and bam, you have 6 meals packed with protein!

Brew A Batch of Green Tea

I have a 2L water jug in the fridge that I throw 3 green tea bags in along with a few herbal infusions. This saves you making tea everyday, helps keep you hydrated and gives you a little caffeine hit when you need it.

 Juice Your Lemons

This might sound funny but it saves you sooo much time in the long run. When ever you have a lemon water or want to add lemon to cooking, instead of juicing them every time, juice all your lemons in one go and put them into ice moulds and pop them into the freezer. When your ready to add lemon to your drink or meal, all the hard work is done!

Bulk Cook Your Carbs

I cut up my sweet potato and pumpkin and put them in the oven to bake. I also cook a big container full of brown rice. I will also make a batch of sweet potato mash.

Other Bits and Pieces

I always make sure I have bits and pieces for on the go also such as cans of tuna, protein shakes, nuts and fruit.