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“One Day” Is Code For Never

“One Day” Is Code For Never

one day

Have you ever heard someone say…”one day ill do it”… “ill get my dream body one day”. Maybe you have said it yourself?

“One day” is very vague, open and meaningless. Why do we push things away from ourselves so far into the future that they feel unachievable? If it is important to you then why not now? I get it…bills have to be paid right? Family comes first.. Work is hectic. But you know what? These things are always going to be there…getting in the way of those “one day” goals.

If having a healthy and fit body is something that is important to you, then you need to prioritise. Implement something straight away. Eat that salad, go for that walk, sign up to a challenge. Do something today that will get you one step closer to that goal. And do it consistently. Set a deadline, chose a date. I will lose 10kg in 3 months. I will run the marathon on Oct 3rd. I will get that 100kg deadlift by July 30th.

This can be applied to anything in life not just health and fitness. Wanting to travel? Move house? Change jobs? Fear is holding you back.

Remember “one day” is code for never.



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