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How To Stay Fit In Your Forties

How To Stay Fit In Your Forties

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Have you hit that middle age spread? Maybe you’ve accumulated a bit more fat around the gut than you may have wanted.

Are you waking up aching and sore? But you haven’t really done anything that strenuous to make you sore.

It could be that you’re in a slump, or it could be the fact that your in your forties and your body is progressively slowing down. There are changes in hormones and dietary factors start to impact on body composition. It’s the time when muscle mass begins to decrease and fat deposits begin to build up. A decline in fitness is not inevitable when you reach 45 but if you neglect exercise it’s the time in life when the ageing process causes it to speed up.

So then, what can we do to slow down this progress? Lets break it down!

  1. We need to preserve the lean muscle mass we have and work on increasing it! How do we do this? Strength training. Yes this can be daunting but if you want to increase those energy levels, lose the gut and feel like you did in your twenties then you have to commit to a strength program. This can be started at home doing basic movements like squats and push ups, moving to a barbell and dumbbells then moving to a gym where you have coaches pushing you, watching your technique and making sure your well on your way to shredding the fat and toning those muscles!
  2. Recover! If you are going to start a new routine or you are already doing one then recovering your body is paramount! Your body is not going to recover like it use to so take the time to have a hot bath (radox and epsom salts help) to relax the muscles and get the blood flowing around your body again. After a shower or bath do some gentle stretching exercises to reduce stiffness the next day and keep the body more flexible. Try to combine cardiovascular exercises (such as running or walking) with strength training to loosen up the muscles and prevent ceasing up. Drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated during exercise and continue to consume water afterwards.
  3. Cut down on the alcohol. The worse thing you can do in terms of reducing your waistline is consume alcohol. So cut it down and watch your waistline shrink. Another reason to cut down is to also help with recovery. Drinking alcohol increases the risk of injury through dehydration and poor concentration.
  4. Shift the way your eating and change those bad habits. Doing sit-ups won’t shift middle-age spread if you’re eating too much or having the wrong kinds of food. Eat plenty of green leafy veggies, eat quality lean protein at every meal and make sure you are consume whole foods. The ti is to shop around the outside edges of the grocery store, avoiding the isles as much as possible.
  5. Work habits. If you work at a computer take regular breaks. Even a walk around the office every 45 minutes will help. Its the small things. Take the stairs. Ride your bike to work. Pack your lunch instead of ordering takeaway. Get your mates together and do a push up competition. Changing your habits at work will make a massive impact on staying fit in your forties.





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