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My journey started simply... I walked in the doors to StrengthCity. I was looking for a jump start just to get me back in shape... not only did I find that, I found a way of life. I found a tribe to run with where it doesn’t matter what you look like or what your goals are you are supported 100%. Everyone has your back and makes the sessions fun while you work hard. Rhys and Chloe are so skilled at what they do you will wonder why it took you so long to find them! I could have found a thousand reasons why my life was too busy to fit training in... I work full time, I’m a busy mum, need more sleep, 5am
Is too early! (And yes it is!!) but it’s training that makes me able to keep on top of everything. It makes me feel more like me! Seriously, if you want to feel more like you... just try it! StrengthCity is amazing!

Amanda - Full Time Worker & Mum of 5

Whether it be to lose weight, gain muscle, tone, overall fitness, overcome injuries, nutritional advice, personal training, group sessions, the list goes on, these guys are some of the best in the business.
Owned & run by Rhys & Chloe, along with Damon, the three of them have a wealth of experience. Coming from military & fitness backgrounds they have owned CrossFit gyms & been coaches outside of Strength City, they have combined all their knowledge & experiences to make this a results driven, fun, challenging yet supportive gym.
There is a kids area available whilst you train & the coaches hold you accountable & help you get the results you’re after.
The gym & trainers are amazing but one of the best things about Strength City is the community. Egos are left at the door & everyone helps & encourages each other!
I have met some great people at this gym!
No matter what you are looking for, Strength City has it for you & more.
Pick up the phone or come down & see one of the guys. You won’t be disappointed!!

Adam - Self Employed, Dad

For the past year now I have been a member at Strength City.. Over the years I have always been someone who would go to the gym and just do my own workout.
So when joining Strength City I was a little nervous and sceptical as working out with Personal Trainers was not really my thing..
To me It meant there was lot more focus on myself and being coached by someone I didn’t know that was not what I was comfortable with..
Meeting Chloe & Rys completely changed my opinion they where so welcoming, supportive, understanding, informative, experienced trainers. They have helped me understand that there is so much more than just having a work out in the gym, Strength City offers a great community which brings together people, from stay at home mums to working mums, dads, & grandparents.
I’m so thankful to Chloe & Rys for the advice and knowledge I have learned from them and how I now have better fitter & healthier life style, you guys are Awesome Thank You

Christine - Mum of 3

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