My Tips On Staying Lean All Year Round

Today I want to share with you, how I manage to stay lean all year around. It feels good to be fit and healthy, not just have a rocking bod for summer. So, this is an insight into what I do consistently, and remember, it is about consistency, you can’t get or stay lean from one salad, just like you wont build muscle after one training session.


I find a lot of people are looking for the perfect weight loss recipe. There is none and it is a waste of time. Ever heard acronym KISS? Keep it simple stupid? Thats what nutrition is all about. I eat eggs in some way for breakfast, I have some sort of protein with a salad or veggies for lunch and some form of protein with steamed or roasted veg for dinner. I will throw in some fats, carbs and fruit. That doesn’t mean it is boring – ill do a big omelette one day with bacon, my salad might have olives and I might have baked sweet potato for dinner. Basically I don’t get caught up in protein balls and frittatas and slices and muffins or a magical bowl. KEEP IT SIMPLE.


Yes I workout 4-5 times a week but I am more so talking about what I do for the other 23 hours of the day. I am on my feet walking around. I am coaching in the gym, I walk to the beach or go to a park with my kids at least once a day, I am up and down the stairs in my house. I am basically moving from 430am until 8pm. We are also very active on the weekends. It is a priority for us to have an active life and show that to our kids.


I follow the 80/20 rule. Clean 80% of the time and “naughty” 20% of the time. If I want some chocolate, Ill have some. If I want a wine, Ill have a wine. But 80% of the time, I eat clean, lean and love to nourish my body. Everyone has different goals but I have found this keeps me on track and focused when I know Im not “all or nothing”.


I don’ t “HAVE” to workout, I “GET” to workout. I don’t “HAVE” to eat that salad, I “GET” to eat that salad. I am lucky enough to be able to workout and to be able to eat healthy foods. A lot of people can’t and don’t have these opportunities. I focus on what I can change. And I forget about what I cant – which by the way, there is almost nothing that we cant change! I always hold myself responsible. If I put on weight, its my fault. If I skip a workout, its my fault. Not my busy schedule, not the whether. Attitude is everything.

These are all things you can start practising right now. Not next week. Not tomorrow. Right now. Remember “If nothing changes, nothing changes”.

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