Top 10 Recovery Tips

We have compiled 10 of the best recovery strategies that we use ourselves on a daily basis and promote to our members that the gym. When we assist the recovery process, we can reduce the amount of time we experience soreness and can get into the gym sooner so chase our goals.

Stretching / Yoga

stretching routine increases blood flow to your muscles. This, in turn, gives you two benefits that are: Reductions in post-athletic soreness and recovery time; and. Improvement of your overall health.


Protein can be attained from a wide range of whole food sources such as fish, chicken, and beef as well as non-animal sources such as quinoa, green peas and nuts. Protein can also be attained in supplement form, most commonly in powders such as whey protein powder, pea protein powder or rice protein powder.

Building muscle mass essentially involves the process of lifting heavier weights, tearing the muscle fibres and then rebuilding them stronger and bigger and this is where regular protein intake comes in. Protein is the building block of musclesMuscle protein synthesis is a naturally occurring process in which protein is produced to repair muscle damage caused by intense exercise.


BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) have long been studied, showing benefits in reducing muscle soreness, faster recovery time, reduced creatine kinase (which is a good indicator of recovery) and a better retention of maximum muscular force.

Foam Rolling

Although not as luxurious, using a foam roller is considered a form of self-massage and can produce many of the same benefits. … Popular thought is that foam rolling breaks up adhesions, reduces stiffness, decreases soreness, increases blood flow and reduces tissue tension, leading to improved recovery and performance.


For the body to re-boot itself it requires 7-10hrs of sleep, and these hours differ based on ones exercise routine,
lifestyle, chemical makeup and work. Wake up with the sun when possible and allow fresh air and cooler temps for a better quality of sleep.


ZMA is a combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6, which provides numerous benefits to the body and its functionality. Magnesium is essential for the maintenance of electrolyte balance, energy production and normal neuromuscular function. Zinc plays a central role in the regulation of cellular growth and tissue repair as well as a maintenance of a healthy immune system. Vitamin B6 rounds off the bland by supporting metabolism and mental function. These wide ranging benefits make ZMA a great option for boosting general health performance and recovery.


Water is the best way to hydrate. The simplest way to check if you are dehydrated is look at the colour of your urine (I know gross right!). The darker the colour the more dehydrated you are. If you get sick of water, try putting a slice of lemon, lime or orange in the water to give it some flavour without adding sugar/unwanted calories. The best formula to calculate how much water you need individually is: 0.033 Litres X Body Weight = Daily Water Consumption. Remember, for every caffeinated drink you consume, you must add 1 cup or 250ml of water to your daily total.

Active Recovery

Active recovery is the engagement of low-intensity exercise after completing a heavy workout or a big week at the gym. As paradoxical as it may seem, the best way to recover from a strenuous exercise or other sports competition is to exercise at a lower intensity rather than remaining still. Try going for a walk or a bike ride to flush out the sore muscles.

Acupressure Mat

Local blood flow is stimulated to the area. Similar to if you get a massage and afterwards the skin is redder, the tissue warmer etc. This can get help to boost healing and recovery, particularly after running or sports events. The other big way that acupressure mats, acupressure and acupuncture help is in their pain relieving ability. After 15-20 minutes of lying on an acupressure or shakti mat, our spinal cord and brainstem release natural opioid painkillers.


Hot baths, on the other hand, promote blood flow to the muscles by dilating blood vessels – this is not what you want immediately after exercise. However, in the days that follow, when any acute pain has receded, a hot bath is best to help increase circulation, which aids healing. Throw in some epsom salts and/or magnesium for extra healing benefits.

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