10 Ways To Eat Healthy On The Go

We all lead busy lives and nutrition is one of the most complained about areas in which people struggle. Eating healthy doesn’t have to be hard though and today I am going to take you through an action plan on how you can stay healthy and true to your goals while out and about!

Eat a nutritious meal at home before you leave

This should include 1-2 palms of protein, 1-2 cupped hands of carbs, 1-2 fists of veggies and 1-2 thumbs of fats.

Pack a snack

There a few ‘go-to’ items I like to pack when heading out and these include a tin of tuna or salmon, nuts and seeds, Edamame beans, boiled eggs, a protein shake, veggie sticks with hummus, chicken breast slices, fresh fruit, beef jerky, yogurt or a high quality protein bar.

Aim for better not perfect

If you find you are in a situation where there is not a great deal to choose from, always try for the best option you have available to you. Bonus points if you can get veggies!

Consider booking a room with a kitchenette

That way you can stay on top of your goals and save your wallet by cooking nutritious meals at home. You can also ask for the mini fridge to be emptied so you can stock with your food.

Pre-plan for those longer trips

If you are heading away for a while you can pre-order groceries and research local restaurants

Be prepared

Make sure you pack any utensils you will need.

Make a conscious decision

Decided whether you are sticking to your meal plan or if you are going to take a temporary break. Either way is fine, just ensure you are making a conscious decision.

Remember hunger is not an emergency

It is ok to be hungry for a few hours if food choices are not ideal.

What are your ‘non-negotiables’?

For example, eat at least 1 serving of veggies a day or workout 3 times a week?

Applying the simple stuff

Eating slowly and mindfully until 80% full

So there you have it! Staying on top of your goals while out and about or away on holidays is totally achievable. These 10 ways to eat healthy on the go should give you confidence and a tangible action plan.

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