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3 Reasons Your Failing Your Diet

3 Reasons Your Failing Your Diet


I get inundated with questions about nutrition and weight loss. And to be honest, its actually quiet simple. Calories in VS calories out. You NEED to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight. Here are the THREE things, that impedes progress, I see people do when trying to lose weight.


Chai seeds, green smoothies, cauliflower pizza, zoodles, cacao, psyllium husk, acai bowls… or my favourite “whats the best protein ball recipe”….the list is endless. Just because these foods are healthy does not mean they don’t have calories!!! Especially protein balls.. looking at the most popular ingredients…Dates = carbs, chia seeds = carbs/fats, cashews = fats, coconut oil = fat, peanut butter = fat, oats = carbs… WHERE IS THE PROTEIN??? YES it is fantastic that you are eating foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals and have a better macronutrient breakdown than “junk” food but that doesn’t mean you can inhale all of this stuff.. it still has calories and you need to be in a calorie deficit to lose weight.


Its ok to be hungry. Its not an emergency to eat. No one ever got shredded by feeling full! If your going from breakfast to snack to snack to lunch to snack then far out you would be consuming WAY to many calories. Calm down and step away from the snacks.


As a society, we have this cycle or pattern where we try and do our very best during the week with working out and eating healthy then when Friday afternoon rolls around its “beer o’clock” and we go out to lunch and dinner and have all these events. Now im not saying not to treat yo self or not to go on these events but where do you draw the line when it comes to “binging” or self control?. Do you employ the “Fu%k it mentality where you have a non-ideal lunch then a beer then think Fu%k it I might as well have pizza for dinner with an ice cream bucket chaser? If you really, seriously want to lose weight then you need to set some boundaries for the weekends.


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