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3 Reasons Your Not Shredding The Kilos

3 Reasons Your Not Shredding The Kilos

So, you have been exercising daily, your diet has been stricter than ever, but the scales aren’t budging and it is so frustrating. 

Here are the 3 most common mistakes made which may be preventing you from losing weight.

Are you making any of them?

1. Eating ‘Fat Free’ 

You are in the supermarket and see the words ‘low fat’ or ‘fat free’ on your product of choice. That must be the healthy alternative, right? Wrong! Its a chemical shit storm. Unfortunately, when companies remove fat from products, they need to add other ingredients to enhance the flavour or texture of the foods. These ingredients are usually things like sugar, which can contribute to your weight gain, especially if you are eating a lot of these types of products. Although not the case with all foods, it is mainly the processed low fat foods that you need to be most careful of. Always read the nutrition labels and watch out for hidden flavour enhancers, or, better yet focus on whole foods which don’t need big ‘low fat’ labels on them like fruit and vegetables.

2. Incorrect Portion Sizes

If you are overweight chances are your portion sizes are too big and you have trained your body to view the large portion sizes as ‘normal’. In recent years portion sizes have been continually growing and people tend to still finish everything on their plate, even though they feel full. Try eating off a smaller plate and stop as soon as you start to feel full. 

3. Drinking Your Calories

Whether it’s 2 coffees a day, a bottle of wine after work, or that ‘healthy’ fruit juice with breakfast. Don’t forget that liquids still contain calories and drinking these ‘empty’ calories can be very detrimental for someone trying to lose weight, especially as they won’t really satisfy your hunger. Water is the obvious substitute here, infuse fruit into your water to spice things up or opt for some homemade green tea!