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3 Steps to Sustainable Change

3 Steps to Sustainable Change


Set goals but always fall short?

Keep blaming yourself for not following through?

Well, its not you, its the system your using.

We believe there are three things that determine whether or not someone is going to achieve their goals.

Lets break them down.


Being Crystal Clear About Your Goals

You’ve probably heard this time and time again – set SMART goals. But do you actually do it? Do you know exactly what it is you want? “Lose weight” unfortunately isn’t specific enough and doesn’t have the emotional pull that a goal like this will.. “I want to lose 5kg of body weight so I can fit into my clothes, wear the bikini and feel confident around my husband”.

So, ensure you write down exactly what you want AND put it somewhere where you can see it – top of mind awareness is extremely powerful.

Setting Behaviour Changes

So now you’ve got this goal but the only thing that is stopping you from getting here to there is what you do. Your current habits. Your behaviours. For example eating dessert after dinner, buying chocolate at the shops or cracking a beer every Friday afternoon. Are these behaviours serving you? Are they getting closer to your goal?

The good news is we are not stuck! We can change these behaviours. We can identify them and replace them with a behaviour that will get us closer to reaching our goal.

Behaviour changes can include –

  • Grocery shopping online to avoid buying sweets
  • Swapping your weekend beverage for a non-alcoholic option
  • Reducing the amount of packaged food you consume and replace with fresh produce
  • Minimise caffeine intake
  • Increase water consumption

For every behaviour change there must be an action plan on how to achieve it. This action plan applied consistently will start to re-wire your brain and create new, more healthier habits.

Having Non-Negotiables

So you have your big goal. You have the behaviours you want to change an an action plan on how your going to implement them. Now we need to make some non-negotiables. If you knew that if you did something (a non-negotiable) you would almost certainly reach your goal, what would they be?

For example –

  • Workout a minimum of three times a week
  • Meal prep on a Sunday for the week
  • Stretch everyday
  • Get 10k steps in everyday
  • Go to bed at 830pm every night


We find that if you implement all three steps then you have a solid actionable plan for sustainable change.


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