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5 Fun Rewards That Don’t Have Calories

5 Fun Rewards That Don’t Have Calories

You’ve been going strong on your new program, managing your macros, getting your 3L of water in a day. You feel on top of the world and your thinking, “I should treat myself for all this hard work!”. The majority of human beings will treat themselves with an alcoholic beverage, a dinner out or a cheat meal. Eating is a pleasurable pursuit but this can have massive negative impacts on your progress. I am here today to tell you, you can treat yourself, but without any calories!

Here are my 5 top Rewards:

Get a massage

Remedial massage is great to relieve those muscles you’ve been working during your sessions. Getting a message will help flush any built up blood in the muscles thereby assisting in recovery. 

Buy Workout Clothes 

Well your at the gym now a few days a week, why not treat yourself and get a new pair of shorts! Plus I always feel more motivated when I have a new outfit to wear to the gym.

Invest In Some New Runners

Now that your out and about burning those cals, why not invest in some new footwear. Having proper support and grip can assist in performance and prevent injury.

Spa Day

This is for the guys as well. Go relax, get some treatments, sit in the spa and sip on fruit infused water. Unwind and recover ready for your next training session.

Fun Day Out

Paint ball, rock climbing, surfing, bowling… the list is endless. Not only are you treating yourself, you are participating in activity, burning those calories without even realising it!