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7 Steps To Regain That Lost Motivation

7 Steps To Regain That Lost Motivation


You’ve set your goals, started your journey, but you didn’t expect to experience zig zags or hurdles along the way. What was once a big bright shiny goal is now dimming and your ability to reach them is fading.
The following 7 practises will ensure you muster up the energy, refocus and continue the journey to your goal.


Our inherent tendency for social comparison and society’s pursuit of perfection can make our goals seem like a mirage. The fear of failure looms large in our minds, sabotaging our motivation to move ahead. But there’s a solution! Research has shown that being kind to ourselves gives us the strength to face our fears, both real and imagined. Placing your hand on your chest and reassuring yourself with a few kind words can go a long way towards grounding you in the moment and stopping the inner critic right in its tracks.

Change Thought Patterns

Humans are all wired to spot the negative, some of us even more so than others. When the going gets tough, do you begin to doubt your own abilities and allow the roadblocks to increase before your very eyes? This is the time to think about your explanatory style – your way of explaining the roadblocks in your journey. If your explanation for your setback is that you are the problem (Personal), nothing seems to work (Pervasive) and there is no chance it will ever get better (Permanent), it is time for a rethink.

Practise Mindfulness

Are their old habits that are pulling you back and weakening your motivation? If so, think of behaviours that will help you in your journey and transform them into habits—that way, they don’t waste your brain’s limited supply of energy.

Find Support in Others

Studies have shown time and again that the strength of our social support system is the greatest source of resilience, success, and happiness that we have. When we begin to lose sight of our goals, having a trusted “other” to guide us and remind us of those goals gives us the strength to get back in the game. By nurturing strengths such as love and gratitude, you can open yourself to constructive feedback and support, both of which are essential drivers in reaching your goals.

Set Short Term Goals

When we tick something off a list or achieve something we have bee working hard for, we feel a sense of achievement. We are pumped with dopamine that pushes us to do more, and complete more so we are always feeling accomplished.  Make sure you are giving your self short term goals that will help you get to your ultimate goal; that way you are rewarded along the way and stay on track to get to the big one!

Laugh, a lot

Laughing out loud releases stress hormones and resets our physiological and psychological states. It shows us the insignificance of things and distances us from the fear of failure that immobilises us. Laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself so seriously.

Savour Success

Don’t forget to savour your success and take in the good around you as you progress. Unless we take the time to sit back and relive our achievements, applaud our efforts, and allow the warm glow of a job well done to trickle down into the deep recesses of our neural structure, we will not be able to build the kind of memories that give rise to competence and resilience. Instead, we’ll obsess about everything that went wrong and build a memory bank that has ‘failure’ writ large all over.