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Avoid Disappointment By Setting Realistic Expectations

Avoid Disappointment By Setting Realistic Expectations


With social media consuming the large majority of people on a daily basis it is hard not to set unrealistic expectations for ourselves. I still catch myself getting caught up in the comparison game. But ill tell you what Ive learnt and how you can avoid disappointment and be your own hero.

I get a lot of new members come in and say to me “I want to look like her”, “I want to be able to deadlift 100kg”, “I want a 6 pack”. There is nothing wrong with these goals. The issue is the deadline or the timeframe.We tend to underestimate the time it takes to get to a certain level. People want everything yesterday and I hate to be the one to bust your bubble but it will take a while if you want to lift that amount of weight or have a shredded stomach. These things don’t just happen over night.

You WILL get those rock hard abs, but your not going to get them in 4 weeks time. And don’t be discouraged by that. How long did it take you to put on 5kg, 10kg, 20kg? I can almost guarantee it wasn’t 4 weeks so you cant expect it to fall off in that amount of time either.

After having Koa, I was extremely self conscious and I would see all these mums on Instagram who “bounced back” within weeks. I got wrapped up in it and it got me disappointed in myself, which is terrible. I then decided that this was my own race and I set smaller, realistic goals for myself. Every kilo lost and every kilo increased lifted in the gym got me one step closer. I took those little wins. I embraced my changing body. I started to enjoy the journey. It took me approximately 5 months of hard work to get back to my pre-baby body.

And while Im at it, it took me about 2 years of building my strength before I was able to do an unassisted strict pull up!

All I am saying is first have a good think about your goals and if you are being realistic about the timeframe to achieve it to avoid feeling disappointed in yourself.