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Break Out Of Your Gut Rut

Break Out Of Your Gut Rut

Get yourself out of your ‘Gut Rut’ and hit your abs with these 4 challenging exercise!

The set back of working out by yourself is you tent to cherry-pick. You leave out the hard stuff and favour the stuff that your good at. When we are good at something we tend to do it over and over again. We need to spice up the routine and hit the abs with something a little different. We also need to think about adaptation. What was once hard for us, can seem like a warm up now, so we need to implement progressive overload to keep the body from adapting and therefore plateauing. Drop these 4 exercises into your ab routine to mix things up or combine three or more for a workout that will hit your core muscles and then some!


Without lifting your feet, walk forward with your hands, using your toes to drag the plate behind you.

TIP: If using a weight plate is to hard to begin with, use a plastic plate as pictured or if you are doing it on tiles or a wooden floor, a towel can be substituted.


Superman Slide

Begin by sliding your hands away from your body and extending your hips as you lower down to the ground (as close as possible). Keep your trunk activated throughout the movement and be sure not to hyper-extend your lower back. Return to the start position by engaging the abs and driving your hands back.

TIP: While an ab wheel is good, this movement can also be done with a barbell, furniture movers or plates on a carpet floor.




Hollow Hold

Lie face up on the floor with your arms beside our body, legs straight and toes pointed. Round your lower back and press it into the ground brining your shoulder blades off the floor.

TIP: If this position is too easy after a while, stretch your arms overhead covering your ears – but ensure that lower back stays on the ground.


Kettlebell Woodchops

Hold a kettlebell with both hands, starting on the right side of your body. Engaging your core and moving your hips, thrust the kettlebell across your body until it is overhead outstretch to your left side. Lower the kettlebell with control back to right side starting position.

TIP: this movement should be done quickly and explosively to maximally stimulate the fibres of the abdominal wall.






KB Woodchop


20 (each)

Superman Slide



Hollow Hold



Alligator Crawl