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Change The Attitude

Change The Attitude


“The problem is not the problem; the problem is your attitude about the problem”

Our attitude is what determines whether we have a good day or a bad day. Whether we let insignificant things ruin our day or whether we rise above. Whether we have a bad workout, good workout or a kick-ass workout. 

I done an epic arms session this morning that the gym. I told myself I was too tired. It was stinking hot. I had a week off. See where this is heading….negative negative negative… do you think I was in the right head space to have a kick ass session? No, I had a bad attitude from the get go. I made a promise to myself right there and then. When I walk into the gym, I leave the day behind. I focus on what needs to be done and I give everything. Every single session. I will not leave anything in the tank but leave it all in the gym and when I am done I will ask myself these questions….Could I have worked harder? Did I give my all? Could I have increased in my weights? Could I have run faster? If I answered yes to any of these then if provides me with an opportunity. An opportunity to push harder, so that next time I step into the gym, I have an unbreakable attitude. A ‘can do attitude. An attitude that says “I’m going to own this session”.

When we learn to approach each and every workout with an enthusiastic and positive attitude the results come rolling in. If we walk into the gym, after a bad day and let that bad energy continue into your sessions, then guess what. You’ll get nothing out of it. Actually others will, they’ll get your bad vibes. Your attitude is everything. Focus on the positives. I like this exercise, I feel strong when I do this movement, this one is challenging but I will not let it break me. Chase that PB. Go up in weights. Walk around and give people high fives and compliments.

Walk into the gym with your head held high, ready to smash it! Have a “can do” attitude instead of “its too hard, I can’t do it”. You are setting yourself up for failure saying these words. Expect that you will have a more productive workout than you did the day before. Always ask yourself, “how can I push myself harder than I did yesterday?”. “What needs to be done in order to get closer to my goals?”. Enjoy the pain, embrace the journey and be fully aware that every workout will bring you one step closer to your goals….if you chose to have the right attitude.