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How To Control Comfort Eating

How To Control Comfort Eating

comfort eating

Each new week comes with different events, work situations, dilemmas, sleep disruptions, car issues, money crises..the list is endless. What I am getting at is we as everyday humans are subjected to a number of situations which elicit certain emotions; stress, sadness, anger, boredom, loneliness, exhaustion.

These emotions can bring about feelings of hunger or cravings which can lead to emotional or comfort eating. When you experience stress everyday of the week and “cope” by eating certain foods, it can become a problem. Weight is increasing and you start the negative cycle. Im putting on weight therefore it doesn’t matter what I eat, in effect getting bigger and becoming more stress about weight. Here are THREE things which I believe can help break the habit of emotional eating:


Once you have identified and recognise what triggers you to eat, ie. boredom, then you can become more aware of the cravings being related to those emotions instead of just a normal hunger.


As soon as you are struck by “hunger”, have a few options to distract or remove yourself from the situation. Go to the gym, take the dog for a work, go to the beach or get out of the house all together. Distracting yourself will avoid a binge.


Creating a healthy, long term, sustainable diet is key. It is great to always ask yourself questions, why am I eating this? Am I hungry or just thirsty? Am I only eating because its “lunch time”? Having complete control over what you eat and why your eating is very empowering. When we “lose control” with food, we can feel like we are not in control of other areas in our lives. Be mindful of what your eating and why your eating it to gain control.