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Don’t Be Afraid Of Being A Beginner!

Don’t Be Afraid Of Being A Beginner!


Be afraid of regretting that you didn’t start when you had the opportunity.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Somewhere along the line everyone is a beginner. Whether it be a new role at work, becoming a new parent or joining a new gym. You cant let the unknown stop you from starting.

First ask yourself, what is stopping you from starting? The looks you might get from the people in the class? Making a fool of yourself while doing a particular movement? Not knowing at a deadlift or bent over dumbbell row is?

If you can score yourself a decent gym with a dedicated and knowledgable personal trainer, they can introduce you to everyone, make you feel apart of the team. They will show you how to perform movements correctly and safely. They will check in with you and make sure you are feeling ok.

Being a beginner is inevitable. If you are delaying starting a new fitness regime because “you don’t know where to start”, ” “you have to get fit first”, “you don’t want to look silly”. Well guess what, you can either face the fear of never achieving your ultimate body or you can face the fear of your first session. I guarantee you wont look back doing the later.