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Fat Loss Hacks

Fat Loss Hacks

A large majority of people, once they have achieved weight loss, tend to struggle to keep it off.  Following a diet for a couple of months they’re able to get an initial result, but generally after they’ve done this they tend to fall back into their old habits and they end up put all the fat they worked so hard to lose back on and sometimes even more!

There is a heap of training and nutritional “hacks” you can do to help stop this from happening to you!

Lift Those Weights

Training with weights is the golden ticket to both losing fat and keeping it off. Not running on the treadmill for an hour. Not to mention the increased muscle mass you’ll achieve which leaves you not only with a higher metabolic rate which helps burn fat more efficiently, it will provide you with a strong frame work to go about your day to day activities.

High Protein Diet

Having a diet that is high in protein helps to create that metabolic advantage which makes losing fat a whole lot easier. This is a scientific fact. Protein helps you to preserve and develop lean muscle mass during fat loss the same way that weight training does. So ensure you are eating 1-2 palms of protein every meal, even for the snacks in between.

Maintaining Calories

If you are on 1500 calories during the week and losing weight but you go to 2000-3000 cals over the weekend then you have just increased your average to 1900 cals and are therefore no longer in a calorie deficit. Maintain consistency with calories in order to avoid weight gain.

HIIT or Sprints

Any form of sprint, interval or high intensity interval training creates a massive increase in the body’s metabolic rate both during as well as post workout. Try and do at least 2 high intensity interval sessions every week! They boost your calorie burn for anywhere up to 24 hours post workout as well as increasing your cardiovascular fitness.


You are what you consistently do. Consistently eat healthy. Consistently workout. Consistently getting 10K plus steps a day. Consistently cutting out alcohol. The more consistent you are at the good things, the easier it will be to keep the weight off.