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Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows

Where Focus Goes, Energy Flows



Ever heard the saying “Focus Goes Where Energy Flows”. I sat down with a lady yesterday and we ended up having a conversation about commitment. She was a 7/10 committed to her goals. I asked her, how can I make you a 10/10? What is stopping you from being a 10… and thats when we had a mindset shift.

She said to me, working out equals pain. I stopped her right there. She has this negative association attached to working out that it has stopped her from achieving her goals for over 2 years. “Why does working out equal pain?” I asked her. Her response was that she has kids and cant be too sore to be with them during the day. That she didn’t want to experience the fatigue that came with working out and what if after a few weeks of working out (experiencing pain) that she didn’t change? That she didn’t lose weight? Then all that pain would have been for nothing.

I asked her “What if working out equalled pleasure?” She gave me a funny look. Like it is IMPOSSIBLE! I suggested, what if you associated working out with positives, benefits? Such as every workout will get me one step closer to my goals. Working out makes me feel strong and young again. Working out gives me more energy to play with my kids. Working out gives me the confidence to wear clothes I haven’t  wore in years. Working out makes my relationship stronger as I have my self love. When the positives start to out weigh the negatives we can start to shift our perspective.

We then looked at how not working out made her feel. I wanted her to associate pain with NOT WORKING OUT. Unhappy with weight. Cant fit in clothes. Feel unattractive. Not confidence. No energy for kids. The pain of working out soon became smaller than the pain of not working out.

As the headline of this blog suggests, all her energy was focusing on the negatives, the pain of working out. Do you think if she focused on the positives a long time ago she would be in a different physical condition? I believe so.

If you have a strong feeling about something, maybe towards working out, losing weight, getting fit…then ask yourself are there more positives I can be overseeing? Is it really as bad as I am thinking?

Focus on results and your energy will be poured into achieving them!



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