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✓ 5 x 45min Training Sessions

Five sessions per week – will be the driving force for your transformation. Devoted, quality time spent with your leading professionals means your going to get the BEST results.

✓ Access To Saturday Workshops

Whether it be a workout at gym or out at the beach, a nutrition seminar, chilled out yoga session or an intense goal setting workshop, this bonus session will keep you on track even on the weekends. 

✓ Initial Inclusive And Comprehensive InBody Assessment

This is where we will receive information to construct a detailed program to unlock rapid results, by understanding where your body is at now, and where we need to get it to.

✓ 50% Off Ongoing InBody Assessments 

These meetings are designed to take a snapshot of your progress to keep you on track, keep you focused and most of all keep you ACCOUNTABLE, to continue achieving amazing results.

✓ Personal Ultimate Nutrition Guidelines 

Everyone has different goals, whether it be shred fat or increase muscle tone. You will receive ultimate nutrition guidelines, as well as education in nutrition, supplementation, meal prep and time management skills and we will show you how to optimise these areas to give you a solid plan of attack. 

✓ Weekly Shopping List

No guessing or apprehension, we will tell you exactly what to put in your trolley to achieve your ultimate physique!

✓ Training and Nutrition Log Books

Record your nutrition and exercise on the go with our printable log books. A great tool to help you achieve your goals by keeping you accountable.

✓ Online Membership Site

Your online resource for everything training, nutrition and mindset to maximise your StrengthCity experience. 

✓ Access To VIP Group And Mailing List

Articles, videos, tips, support and more to keep you up to date on everything nutrition and training, to enhance your StrengthCity experience.

✓ Session Satisfaction Or Money Back

We are fully committed to your progress and success which is why we offer session satisfaction. If you are not happy with your training session then you will not be charged.

✓ 100% Results Guaranteed

Here at StrengthCity we are so confident in our package that if you follow and implement this program, you WILL see results or you will get your money back. It’s that simple…