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Option 1 - 7 Days For Free 

For those wanting to test drive StrengthCity before committing.

Option 2 - Part time for $49

This option includes three training sessions per week for those who, for whatever reason, cannot commit to more than 3 sessions per week.

Option 3 - Unlimited for $59

This is the ideal option; for those who are committed, keen for results and want to train everyday.  

Option 4 - Full Time + for $79

This option takes your StrengthCity experience to the next level. 

Option 5 - One On One

For those who want a more personalised approached to training or are wanting to work on specific areas above and beyond the programmed sessions. 

Option 6 - Online for $25

For those who require programming for their home gym or want be part of the community but cant due to distance.