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How Do We Measure Success?

How Do We Measure Success?

How do we measure success?

Comparing yourself to others is both natural & inevitable. We‘ve done it all our lives whether we realise it or not. We did it at school, with friends, family, any social occasion and we are genetically hardwired to consider ourselves in relation to those around us. I truly believe that change only occurs when you stop comparing yourself against others as your only measure, and start comparing yourself against you. Against who you were yesterday, last month and last year. This is what counts.

When you step on the scales and think “all this hard work has lead to little to no results”. Before you start dwelling on this apparent lack of change, you should shift your focus to all the important lifestyle changes have have occurred in your life so far since embarking on this journey. It not about “I should be looking like her or be lifting like him by now” but the fact that you are doing better than yesterday, better than last month and way better than last year.

I am not suggesting you shouldn’t measure strength, performance and progress. What I am saying is do it within comparable parameters. “I have been squatting as long as her and Im still only lifting 50kg”. Let me ask you something. What did your squat look like when you started? How was your depth? Were you actually recruiting your glutes? How was your breathing patters, tracking of the knees? etc. I can guarantee you have a much more solid squat now technique wise than you did before. And that is progress right there my friend.

Your measurement should be against yourself- in that 6 months ago you didn’t think twice about eating a burger every day whereas now you choose a healthier snack or piece of fruit 9 times out of 10 instead. Or the fact that every weekend you would have a blow out and drink 10 beers, a pie coupled with a hangover every Sunday.  You, 6 months on, are now having only a few drinks alongside a nice dinner or you’ve used some critical thinking with all the new things you have learned and swapped the pie with a salad wrap.

So, while I believe that a little healthy competition is good for our progress, if you want to succeed you need to set your own markers & goals and always remember where you have come from.