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How To Kickstart Your Motivation

How To Kickstart Your Motivation


Sometimes I find myself in a funk. I lose motivation, lack direction and the negative chat starts rolling in. I know there is nothing better than the feeling of smashing yourself in the gym and getting a good workout in. It makes me feel more productive and accomplished plus I feel better about myself instantly. I thought I would put together the 5 things that help get me back into the swing of things (and give me a kick up the butt)!

I Schedule A Meeting With Myself

A boss never cancels their meetings. Haha that sounds corny, but so true. I book in a time slot on the days that I want to workout. For me this is 4 times a week at the gym, lifting weights twice a week, one strongman session and one cardio. I will then do a big walk on either Friday or Saturday. But if I don’t commit to a time and schedule my day around my workout, then it is way to easy to skip it and tell myself there are more important things to do. So at 1030am Monday through Thursday I commit to working out.

I Set Goals

First I set goals as to what I want to achieve ie. lose 3kg, increase back squat 5RM by 5kg, do 5 unassisted pull ups. Then I jot down why.. now this is the most important part – why…? Not to just lose 3kg but the feeling of confidence, accomplishment, energy I will get from losing the 3kg. This resonates with me on a deeper level then numbers on a scale. Lastly, I create a deadline. When do I want to achieve this by? Be realistic yet optimistic!

I Look at Motivating Quotes & Photos 

This might sound silly, but if you flick through your idol / inspo’s insta account, scroll through some Pintrest quotes then this might be enough to motivate you to get moving!

I Have A Workout Buddy

This happens to be my husband. I love working out with him, because 1. he is doing it so I have to even when I don’t feel like it and 2. he pushes me to go heavier, faster etc. You may not always be able to find someone to workout with but I can tell you it helps keep you accountable to your routine and your goals.


I hope at least one of these tips gets you back on track!