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How to Kill the Sugar Cravings Once and For All!

How to Kill the Sugar Cravings Once and For All!


No matter what type of diet you are on, it can be hard to beat the old sugar cravings. The majority of the time, the cravings are for the simple carbs like chocolate, chips, bread, pasta…The Evil carbs! And it seems to be the more refined the sugar, the greater the cravings can be and the more instantaneous the gratification.

With this instantaneous gratification comes a spike of energy (or a rise in insulin) and what comes next? A sharp crash. Because simple sugars provide a short burst of energy, it is not long until the next craving rears its ugly head and this can go on and on and on. This is a nasty carb-craving cycle which can make you feel out of control and will have a negative effect…WEIGHT GAIN.

Want to know the most effective intervention to this vicious cycle? It’s called protein. This macronutrient is responsible for switching on our “full” button in a way that carbs cannot. So instead of eating that donut test yourself and eat some chicken, or a can of tuna…not the answer you were looking for right? What about making your own treats that include protein? Here is my go to protein ball recipe if I find myself wanting a donut…not quiet the same but it definitely does the trick!



Makes 8 | 134 cals | 8.1g protein | Ready in 20 mins

30g pecans, 20g dates, chopped, 70g nut butter, 40g tahini, 30g Chocolate protein powder, 7g raw cacao powder, 25g raw honey, 1 tsp cinnamon, 20g coconut oil, 30g sesame seeds

Whizz up those pecans and dates. Add the nut butter, tahini, protein, cacao, honey and cinnamon. Blitz the lot until smooth then pour in the melted coconut oil and whizz again quickly. Roll into balls and coat with sesame.
BONUS: Cinnamon and honey contain anti-inflammatory properties, helping you recover from those sessions at the gym.