Individualised Online Programming

Can’t physically make it to StrengthCity?

We got your back!

Online Programming

Getting people strong is our thing. We now provide our strength training programming online.

So if you are wanting to –

  • Up your strength game
  • Refine your technique
  • Receive feedback from a coach
  • Prep for powerlifting
  • Or just want to start lifting weights

Then our Individualised Online Strength Programming is for you.

  • Individualised Training Program
  • End of block video technique review and feedback with coach
  • End of block review, feedback and adjustments
  • Access to online FB group

Individualised Online Strength Programming starts at just $30 a week.

This is not just a duplicate or a one size fits all system. You are investing in a professionally built training program with support and accountability from a very passionate team. 

“The power of stripping back and working on control, working on form, and feeling the weight is incredible. My first video is 2/12/21 the second video is from 4/5/2021 I have the same weight of 70kg. Since this first video I have been working with @strengthcity_sunshinecoast doing online programming. I don’t have to tell you how much stronger I feel and I am. There’s technically nothing wrong with my first lift, however there was no ‘talk’ between the bar and my body. There is only one way to go from here and that’s exactly where I want to be.. strong 💪🏼” – Ash (online member)

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