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Kicking The Excuses

Kicking The Excuses


I have literally heard every excuse under the sun why people don’t start their fitness journey. I reckon the worst one would have to be “I need to get fit first”. Wow.

Your want for “a better body”, “a healthier life”, “to be fitter” is obviously not strong enough if your letting your excuses get in the way. How can I help you get over those excuses and start get results? Follow this FOUR┬ástep system.


If you don’t have a goal then you are floating. What do you want to achieve? What keeps you up at night? What excites you? What makes you hungry for success? Find out what it is that you want, write it down and put it somewhere where you can see it every single day. Not in a book, not on the computer. On a bit of paper on the fridge, on a whiteboard in your room. Clear as day YOUR GOAL!


For some, this may seem silly..to ask yourself why you want to achieve a certain goal. But this is essential. Cementing the reasons why, digging deep and asking yourself why reinforces the importance of your goal. If you can come up with 100 reasons why you want your goal, then you’ve created a pretty strong case as to why you should achieve it. And those 100 reasons should give you fuel for your fire!


How are you going to achieve it? Well, if it is a 10kg weight loss, then you would start with nutrition; writing a food diary. Tracking your water intake; attending 3x sessions per week. Measuring your progress through photos, scales, centimetres. If you can write down how your going to achieve it, having that strong plan of attack, then you will feel more motivated, you will feel as though if you stick to this plan of attack you will achieve that goal!


You MUST set a deadline. Again, you’ll just be floating around and achieve it sometime, maybe, whenever. “I want to achieve a 100kg deadlift by the 1st of September”. This is clear, precise and you now have a deadline. And guess what? You are going to work your butt off to achieve┬áthis goal by September 1st. Create your weekly goal of increasing it by 2.5kg, then a monthly goal of increasing it by 10kg, then the bigger picture of 100kg doesn’t seem so daunting.

Go get it!

Chloe Kingsford