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How To Make Home Workouts A Success

How To Make Home Workouts A Success

Lets face it, we can’t always get to the gym when  we want. Some may not have the gym as an option. Work, kids and life in general can get in the way. But working out at home can seem hard as the motivation isn’t always there. Here are my top three tip to making working out at home a success!


Create A Space

If you have a designated space set up in your house, then you are more likely to commit to working out. It might be a bedroom or a full room or it may just be a yoga mat rolled out at the end of the bed! Either way, if you are walking past it everyday or can see your workout equipment, then this is top of mind awareness and can prompt you to go workout!


Now I’m not saying you need to go buy mass amounts of expensive equipment but having a few bits and pieces can keep your workouts interesting and your body guessing. Some inexpensive equipment can include a small set of dumbbells (3-6kg), a small kettle bell (8-12kg), a resistance band, a set of mini bands and a skipping rope! Again, if you see these pieces of equipment lying around, it might spur you on to pick them up!

Stick To A Time

Holding yourself accountable to a time can work wonders. For example, if you have to be at a gym class at 10am, you will be on time right? If you book yourself into a session at home you are more than likely going to stick to it! Creating a structured routine will work better then, “when I get a chance” because that may never happen!