Meet The Team

Chloe Kingsford

Co-Owner & Personal Trainer

Chloe is a Personal Trainer, Transformation Facilitator, Health & Wellbeing Coach, Yoga Teacher and mum to two. 

After finishing her undergraduate in psychology and masters in public health she went on a mission to strengthen the connection between mental, emotional health and physical health. 

Building two gyms from the ground up with Husband Rhys, Chloe has impacted thousands of lives by inspiring, educating and empowering those (especially mums) to live a healthy, happy and full life.

Chloe’s involvement in strength and conditioning, nutrition, comp prep, weight loss transformations, goal setting and mindset ensures each individual she works with has a holistic and comprehensive experience.

Rhys Kingsford

Co-Owner & Personal Trainer

Rhys is a Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning Coach and father of two.

After moving to the Sunshine Coast with Wife Chloe, Rhys has applied his extensive knowledge in strength training principles, technique and programming which makes him the head coach.

Rhys specialises in strength training, conditioning and energy systems training and thrives on getting the best results for each client he has the opportunity to work with.

If your goal is increased performance, whether that be through strength, conditioning or sports specific, Rhys is your go-to guy.

Tamara Burriss

Tamara is a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor.

 After spending two decades in the martial arts industry, first as an athlete and then as an instructor, she wanted to bring the type of mindset and training from competitive fighting over to the strong and independent women she trains with in and out of the gym. 

After finishing her undergraduate in psychology and continuing on to study her honours in psychology, focusing on the relationship between coach and athlete – she wanted to help support those around her to develop the strength of will it takes to overcome life’s hurdles. 

Mentoring and training many martial artists, Tamara has impacted hundreds of lives by instilling a mental strength, balance and maai that helps them navigate a challenging world. 

Tamara’s involvement in martial arts, strength and conditioning, nutrition, comp prep, goal setting, mindset and well being brings a different experience for each individual she works with.

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