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Re-evaluating Goals In A Changing Landscape

Re-evaluating Goals In A Changing Landscape


With so much uncertainty at the moment it can be tough to focus and still have a strong belief in your goals.

You are shaken.

You are in survival mode.

You don’t know what the future looks like.

So your not motivated to achieve you goals.

I get it. We just had to close our doors.

We are devastated.

But I am here to offer a change in perspective.

A shift in mindset.

We might not have control over the bigger picture things, but we do have control over our choices on health and fitness.

So, given the change, what are your top three goals for the next few weeks to potentially months?

Let me share mine –

  1. Community – Connecting, providing value and keeping people fit and healthy in their homes. We are coaches and that is not confined to brick and mortar.
  2. Family – Connecting. Quality time. Building a veggie garden. Cleaning and clearing out space.
  3. Health – New recipes. Building immunity. Supplements. Books. Journalling. Sunshine.

Just remember, this time is not for excuses and feeding bad behaviour or building bad habits.

Be smart. For your wallet and your health.

Cook nourishing meals, use food as medicine.


See opportunity.