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Same Old Thinking, Same Old Results

Same Old Thinking, Same Old Results

same old thinking

It is a vicious cycle. If I think working out is hard and have always held this belief then its going to be pretty hard to convince myself that its easy yeah? If I think that eating healthy is hard, then guess what, its going to be pretty hard to convince myself that its easy! If we keep thinking in the same old way we are going to continue yielding the same old responses, results and excuses. Why is it that we keep ourselves attached to these old ways of thinking, sticking to these rules or codes that we have unnoticeably created for ourselves?

We are programmed by the stories which we tell ourselves. These rules or codes are developed throughout our lives, what you see other people do, the television programs you watch and the personal experiences you have.

So if you want to get different results the first thing you need to do is write yourself new codes!

So instead of “exercise is hard” try “exercise is an opportunity to better my body”. Instead of “its all or nothing” try “I can make a balance in my life which includes exercise”. Instead of “you have to get fit before you go to a gym” try “I am going to start where I am, with what I have and I am going to do my best”. See where Im going with this?

Now lets have a quick look at beliefs. Our beliefs dictate how we relate to our code. If we have a code that things have to be perfect and we believe we aren’t good enough…can you guess how many chances we’ll take? Or results we will achieve? The thing is, your beliefs DRIVE your behaviours and your behaviours determine your results. So essentially your belief systems determine your results.

If you believe that you aren’t good enough you will approach your goal or workout or pretty much anything in life with hesitance and excuses, you won’t get the results you want which will support your belief that you aren’t good enough and then you will try less and so on and on. It is a vicious cycle! If you change it to a belief that you are willing to learn, grow and change, you will push through and take your time to learn, grow and change. You will get better results which will mean your belief is supported!

So YOUR results will come when you decide to build a new belief system. It will take time, changing thought patterns but it will happen if you are consistent. You might go from “I’m not good enough” to “I’m willing to give that a go!” With this belief you’ll take different actions which will get you different results.


Chloe Kingsford


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