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Should I workout when sick?

Should I workout when sick?
Let say you’ve just started a new fitness regime (like StrengthCity), and you are smashing out your workouts, making great improvements. Then one day you are struck with a cold or flu, and are asking yourself whether you should be going to the gym or not….
Here at StrengthCity we are all about listening to our bodies, you only have one so you must look after it properly. When you exercise, your internal body temperature raises so if you are sick, then it can make you sicker, as the body is trying to get rid of a virus as well as it having the stain of exercising.
Normally we judge whether to workout based on the upper body symptoms (head) and lower body symptoms. So if you have a runny nose and sore throat then we think movement is ok. It may do you good to get into the gym and sweat it out. But if you have chest pains, body aches or nausea then we would recommend to rest.
Exercise is an immune booster so the more exercise you do the healthier and immune your body becomes. However, when we are sick, it is a sign that maybe we have stressed the body to a point that we need to rest or take it easy. This may be due to over-training, poor nutrition, lack of sleep or a combination of them all.
For those of you who cannot take it easy and must get out and do something then we suggest altering your routine whilst sick. So for example, train at a reduced capacity, take a walk or do some yoga at home instead. Plus this may save you infecting other people at the gym!
Nutrition is extremely important when you are sick. You may not want to but keeping onto of your veggie intake is important due to their high concentration of antioxidants and nutrients. There are certain foods you should be eating also to kick the cold as soon as possible, these include:
Garlic: This is a must for when you are sick. Raw garlic is better then cooked as it looses some of it benefits when heated. We know eating raw garlic might not seem fun but it is excellent at healing the body and ridding it from viruses. Try putting it into a morning smoothie.
Vitamin C – Orange Juice helps boost immune system and assists in hydration. Freshly squeezed OJ is the best and you can also make frozen OJ ice blocks. Strawberries are also high in Vitamin C!
Ginger: Mums knew best when giving us sick kids ginger to make us feel better. It soothes stomaches, helps alleviate nausea but most of all it fights inflammation! Try having a ginger tea (which will also sooth that sore throat).
So try implementing the above strategies so you can say goodbye sickness and hello training!