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The Exact Way To Lose 10kg in 12 Weeks

The Exact Way To Lose 10kg in 12 Weeks

I jumped on the scales and to my horror I was 70kg. This is the heaviest I have EVER been. As a personal trainer, wife and fitness lover I was upset that I had let myself get to this point. It was time for change, dramatic change. I knew it was going to be hard work but I was up for it! I signed up for a Fitness Comp that was 12 week away and this is my journey….


I made sure I tracked everything every week. I would weigh myself every Monday and as I got closer to the comp I would weigh myself 2 times per week. These measurements included body weight, body fat, lean muscle mass, hydration, cm measurements of arms, legs, waist, butt and abs and a progress photo. This may seem excessive but it  meant that I knew exactly how I was progressing and if  anything needed to be changed in order to keep progressing.


After a few days of my new eating plan, I realised that I use to ‘snack’ way to often. I would just grab a handful of nuts or just have something on the go and not sit down to a proper meal. I also realised all the hidden calories I use to consume – milk in my coffee, sauces and marinades on meat, cheese on salads, oils in cooking… all these calories add up! Most of all I have realised that food is extremely social. You cannot go anywhere without the temptation of food and when you are trying to eat healthy this can be a big battle. Especially when everyone around you is ordering anything from the menu, drinking alcohol or having sweets.


Life is a balance and food should be viewed as fuel. Ask yourself, “Is what I am about to eat going to fuel and nourish my body or make it sluggish and tired?” Is it really worth it? My willpower got stronger and stronger as I went on and my need for sweets decreased. One on the hardest times during this journey was my trip to newcastle to see my family. What do you normally do when you go on holidays or catch up with family? You go out for coffee and maybe cake, you have a BBQ, you go out to dinner, you have a few wines, you have a party platter. This is what had got to me where I was! But I had none of this. Instead I asked the family if we could stay in and make cauliflower pizzas. I packed apples, tuna and my protein shakes and for my dessert I had a quest bar. When we went to the pub for a meal I order a 150g steak and steamed greens. I managed to go the whole weekend without cheating or impacting on my diet. Sometimes sacrifices have to be made. If you’re sick of nothing changing its probably because your not changing anything!

chloe after1


I threw in the below graph to show you that weight loss is not linear, it will go up and it will go down. Trust the process, adjust when needed and know that it takes time. It will not happen overnight and there is no magic pill. Just hard work. Set your goals and have them in sight at all times. In times of weakness look at those goals and remind yourself of why you started. Here are the 6 reasons I lost 10.7kg:

Chloe weight loss


1. Training

Weight training is key. None of this cardio nonsense. You want to lift with the intention of getting as much tension in the working muscle as possible. When the going gets tough, you don’t make it easier for yourself, you push through, this is where the magic happens. Weight training should not be moving a weight from A to B but using tempo, contracting the muscle and specifically honing in on that working muscle.  

2. Meal Prep

Fail to prepare then prepare the fail. Every day I would chop up all my veggies, cook all my protein, brew my tea, make my sups, cook my rice. Everything I needed for the day was made so there was no snacking here or there, there was no going hungry. I had my eyes on the prize and this meal prep is what got me there.

3. Veggies

I consumed 1-2 cups of veggies 3-4 meals of the day. Increasing your veggie (and salad) makes your cells more sensitive to insulin, while lowering your blood sugar response from higher carb foods. They increase your fibre, improves digestion and help fill you up! Vary your veggies as much as possible to get a wide variety of vitamins and antioxidants.

4. Water

You want to lose weight? Then you NEED water! All of our organs need water to function and when we want to lose weight we want all of our systems running at an optimum level. Water helps flush out all the toxins we have floating around from the foods we eat, keeps us hydrated and assists in making us feel full. 3L minimum a day, more if working out.

5. Protein

To sustain lean muscle mass you need to be hitting your protein goals each day. For females, it is 1.5-2g per kg of body weight. Obviously if you are losing weight you need to be recalculating as you go! Lets break it down. If I weigh 70kg, my protein goal for the day (working off minimum 1.5g per day) is 105g. If a steak has 28g of protein for every 100g, I would need to consume 3 meals of 125g of steak. This is just an example of your minimum intake. To receive a wide variety of amino acids, rotate your protein sources. On one day you could eat beef and turkey. The next day could be salmon and chicken. The next day could be kangaroo and white fish.

6. Supplements

My go to supplement during this weight loss journey was BCAA’s or branch chain amino acids. Basically, BCAA’s ensure my body doesn’t break down my muscle to be used for fuel. Sip on BCAA’s before, during and after your workout or at times when meals are spread too far apart. L-Carnitine is another must. I  recommend L-Carnitine for those looking to lose weight, as it’s most popular use lies in the area of fat loss, transporting fatty acids into the mitochondria (the energy producing part of the cell). This means the more L-Carnitine in our system, the more our body uses fat as an energy source and therefore the more fat we burn! Other benefits include increases in the use of oxygen, reductions of the accumulation of acids and waste products (ie. Lactate), as well as improvements in endurance.


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