Strength program cycled every 4 weeks delivered in an intimate 12 person class designed to increase strength.


Constantly varied bootcamp style sessions which includes minimal weight and body weight movements.

Weight Circuit

Constantly varied strength circuits which include super and giant sets in a larger group setting.


Mix between cardio and strength this session is delivered in a circuit style.



“I highly recommend StrengthCity in every way. After the birth of my 4th baby I struggled to regain my figure. Chloe and Rhys were able to give me the tools needed to lose the weight, increase my fitness, build muscle and strength and find my confidence again. The workouts were even tailored around my recovery after my c-section which was awesome. I felt that my needs and goals were listened to and that the personal one on one service they provide to set your goals and do regular progress assessments really do keep the incredible results coming in. The classes were challenging but with such a supportive team environment it was something I really looked forward to every day. I have met some beautiful friends at StrengthCity and really would tell anybody who wanted to lose weight, build muscle or increase their fitness to come and check them out!”


I always struggled with losing weight but keeping it off was another struggle!!  I lacked the motivation as I hated going to packed gyms and I hated dieting…. I was unfit and insecure about my body but I just didn’t know where to start… Then one day I saw an advertisement for a 12 week challenge and I thought this is what I need!!! I need someone to encourage and inspire me to push myself to get the results I could only dream of….

I still remember the very first session….. It was brutal but funnily enough I pushed through to the end and I loved it!! It made me feel alive, and from that day on I was ADDICTED…. Day in & day out I put 110% into every session and then when I started seeing the results I knew that all my blood sweat and tears were worth it!!! I couldn’t have done it without the constant support and guidance of Chloe & Rhys. They have changed my life for the better. I’m fitter, stronger, healthier and happier than I have ever been and not to mention the new friends I’ve made along the way it’s like a little family.

The atmosphere at the gym is amazing. It’s intimate and everyone is supportive and encourages one another to push that little bit harder!!! To be honest you couldn’t ask for better trainers (who actually practice what they preach!) I would highly recommend StrengthCity to anyone, I know I won’t be leaving StrengthCity anytime soon… so I’ll see you there 


Well where do I start… I pretty much have struggled with my weight all my adult life. Once I had kids it was harder and harder to lose the weight as I’d put on approx 30kgs with each of my 4 kids, so by the last one I definitely was on struggle street.

I’ve joined gyms but having kids I had to pay a babysitter to go and I was finding it less and less motivating to go and all I would use was the treadmill or cross-trainer. So I ended up cancelling my membership. I went on Michelle Bridges for the 12wks and I lost 7kgs, I was stoked that I was losing weight.  But once the 12wks were up that was it there was no more online support I was cut off from all food recipes and the workouts. So the weight started going up again.

Then one day my friend told me about a place that does transformations.  I was like yeah ok I’ll come give it a go. Since I started, I’ve lost a total of 16kg and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been.


18 months ago after gaining 10 Kg due to an injury at work and a broken leg motorbike riding I decided it was time to go to the gym and lose the extra weight and build some muscle. I decided on a gym, paid over $1000 upfront for a 12 month membership, bought all of my gym gear and ended up going in there twice. Both times I felt intimidated by the people in there and by the array of machines, there was no one to talk to, no one I could ask questions and no one to work out with. I ended up deciding I was too busy at work and stopped going.

6 months ago just after my old membership ran out I saw an ad on Facebook for a new gym called StrengthCity, they were offering one on one coaching, monthly weigh ins, dietary advice, meal plans and suggestions and daily planned work outs. I went in to have a chat with Chloe where she explained what was involved and what they had to offer and decided to give it a try for a few weeks.  The first day I went in I met  a group of guys and girls in a very similar situation to what I was in. They knew they wanted to get fitter and healthier but didn’t know how to achieve it. Straight away I felt a lot more comfortable and with Rhys and Chloe’s help I began to to see results really quickly.

The workouts are NOT easy, the gains DO take time to achieve but in only 6 months at StrengthCity I have gone from a 38 waist to a 34, I have lost the extra 10 Kg, I have almost doubled the weight I am lifting in almost every lift and my knee and back issues have really improved.

Instead of being a chore that has to be done 4 days a week, I now look forward to going to the gym and catching up with all of my mates. The small session sizes and group work outs mean everybody knows each other by name and we all offer each other help, support and a kind word during some of the more strenuous workouts. I have taken control of my diet, my body and my life. I have much more energy and motivation than I used to and my stress levels are way down. For me joining StrengthCity is one of the best life choices I have made.

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