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Transformation Tuesday – Jameela

Transformation Tuesday – Jameela



This is what Jameela had to say about her experience at StrengthCity:

My goal was to get fit and feel good about myself again. I love the fact that there is constant motivation and encouragement from the trainers and all the other girls in the class.

Jameela has been a member at StrengthCity for over 20 weeks and has achieved so much! She has always been the one to lead the way, displaying her fight and passion. Her positive attitude has helped other girls along the way, looking up to Jameela as a role model. She always puts every effort into her workouts, leaving nothing in the tank and encouraging others along the way. Jameela has achieved exactly what she set out to, increasing her fitness and feeling good about herself again. Hard work, dedication, focus and booking in the time for herself was what made Jameela succeed in her health and fitness goals.


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