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Transformation Tuesday – Rochelle

Transformation Tuesday – Rochelle
Rochelle Transformation
Well where do I start… I pretty much have struggled with my weight all my adult life. Once I had kids it was harder and harder to lose the weight as I’d put on approx.
30kgs with each of my 4 kids, so by the last one I definitely was on struggle street.
I’ve joined gyms but having kids I had to pay a babysitter to go and I was finding it less and less motivating to go and all I would use was the treadmill or cross-trainer. So I ended up cancelling my membership. I went on Michelle Bridges for the 12wks which I loved as I was doing the workouts at home, and was eating as close to Michelle’s recommendations while still having to cook for a family.  I lost 7kgs, I was stocked that I was losing weight.  But once the 12wks were up that was it there was no more online support I was cut off from all food recipes and the workouts. So the weight started going up again.
Then one day my friend told me about a place that is doing transformation packages.  I was like yeah ok I’ll come give it a go.  I had never done this type of package before so I didn’t know what to expect. Oh my goodness it was hard! In my first class, we had to do pullups using a band to assist us in getting our chin above the bar…well I couldn’t even do that. So one of the coaches had me scale and do Ring Rows instead. I couldn’t wait for that class to finish & I was out of there! I remember walking away from that class thinking I’m never going back again. But the next week I was back again and that was it I was addicted!
A year on I’m still going and have never felt so good about myself.  I’ve lost a total of 16kg and I’m leaner than I’ve ever been, I weigh more than I use to but my measurements are far smaller.  I can even fit into my school skirt!! I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and I look forward to what each day brings at the gym.
Back in January I got diagnosed with arthritis in both of my knees.  It devastated me. All I wanted to do was quit. I wasn’t allowed to squat more than 30 degrees, no running, no jumping pretty much nothing that would put pressure on my knees.  I spoke to Chloe about where to go from here. She said not a problem I could still workout and I was so happy.  So my workouts were scaled to suit me and my injuries.  Now my knees are touch and go, some days I can squat and not have to scale but other days I just have to do something else.  I feel like I’m being a pain having to ask “what can I do” but both Rhys and Chloe always have an option for me.
I would highly recommend Chloe & Rhys to anyone and everyone.  I doesn’t matter what your fitness level is or if you’ve got injuries you’ll get addicted to it like me.

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