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Transformation Tuesday – Scott

Transformation Tuesday – Scott

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Meet Scott!

When Scott first came to us at StrengthCity he was unhappy with himself and needed the change for himself and for his family. Scott joined StrengthCity with his brother Cal and together they soon became accustomed to what was expected of them and poured everything into their workout. Scotts implemented all of the nutrition guidelines and soon enough the weight started falling off him. In 16 weeks  Scott has dropped a massive 10.3kg, 10.2% Body fat and 42.5cm! Scott embraces an active and healthy lifestyle and cant ever see himself getting back to where he was.

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Here’s whats Scott had to say about StrengthCity:

“Chloe and Rhys are highly motivated trainers who will push you out of your comfort zone and encourage you to reach your goals. Other than the unlimited amount of support from the trainers, the best part about StrengthCity for me what the knowledge that I gained. We were always given an explanation of why we were doing something, wether it be nutrition or training. This helped us better understand what was expected of us. This is the best thing I could have done for myself and my health.”


This could be YOU!

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