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Why Women Should Lift Weights

Why Women Should Lift Weights


I have come across a fair few women in my days who are scared to lift weights, worried they will get bulky. So straight up i’m going to say that it is not easy building muscle ie. “getting bulky”. To actually get bulky you have to be on a lot of calories and specific macro breakdown and you have to have a pretty structured and lengthy training regime. Now that that is out of the way, here are my top reasons women should lift weigh..


1. More Muscle = More Efficient Metabolism = More Effective Fat Loss

If there were two 60kg females standing next to each other and one had more muscle mass than the other, she would burn calories way more efficiently than the other. Because it takes more energy (calories) for your body to maintain muscle cells than it does fat cells. So by lifting weights to add more muscle mass, you’ll boost your metabolism and turn your body into a more efficient fat-burning machine.

2. You’ll Maintain Muscle

From 30 years, it becomes increasingly hard to build muscle let alone maintain it. Having a strength program and lifting weights 2-3 times per week will help maintain muscle mass. It will also help keep ligaments and tendons as well as bones strong. You don’t wan to get to 50 or 60 and have your body breakdown on you. Creating a strong frame now can delay that ageing process.

3. Confidence Boost

I have seen women get fitter and stronger and achieve amazing things inside the gym. When you think you can do something and then you actually do it, this does something to us. Not only physically but mentally. Ive seen women come into the gym and deadlift a 20kg barbell, fast forward a few months later and they are deadlifting 60-80kg. This has a roll on effect too.. how do you think this women is going to show up in life? In her relationship. In her career. To her children.

Ive only mentioned the performance and mental goals one achieves through lifting weights.. what about that ass? Strong legs. Sculptured shoulders. Weight training gives you shape.

4. Stress Relief

Stress is a major cause of so many health related conditions. These days its easier to pop a pill then to get the body moving which I find so sad. Going to the gym is a preventative measure. You are investing in your health. And if you’ve ever thrown around a barbell after a hectic day at work, you would know awesome it is to blow of the steam, switch off, release any pent up energy.


All of us want to feel strong, capable and confident whether at work, running around with the kids or in those bikinis. Lifting weights can impact all areas of your life.

Walking into a gym can be daunting, especially one where you have to make up your own program with sets, reps and rest. If you want this sorted for you, then grab our 7 day free pass. All of the programming is done for you and you can learn and building strength in a group environment.